Hey Beautiful Soul,

I'm so happy you're here. You're in the right place.


Are you ready to make some real changes in your life now?


Changes that allow you to finally get out of your own way and reclaim your power to become the artist of your life, no matter what challenges you face, screw the excuses?

Let me show you how to smash your self-sabotaging beliefs, heal deep self-worth wounds, transform your relationship with money, gain clarity on your true desires, reinvent yourself and intentionally manifest the lit up and abundant life you're meant for.

Here is how I can help you...

What do you need help with the most to move forward? Business guidance? Manifestation coaching? Spiritual awakening support? Seeking a like-minded conscious tribe to be a part of?

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Practicing the Art of Manifestation with Jerica Glasper

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I'm Jerica Glasper

I believe that the most important work we can do is our own internal work, because the outside is a reflection of the inner world.


Inner transformation leads to outer manifestations!


As you change internally, you will draw that external reflection to you. That's universal law, whether you actively practice it or not.


So... Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of why you're here:


Do you find each and every day is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling on an emotional, physical and spiritual level?


Is your life exactly the way you want it? Do even know what you truly want or how you want to feel within your body each day you wake up?

Are you completely satisfied with your career or business, the money coming in, the quality of your relationships and lifestyle?

If "no", then I know your soul called you to this very moment. "When the student is ready, the mentor appears."

Welcome, I've been waiting for you Soul Sister. 

It's time to listen to your internal guidance system, which is calling out for you to embark on a journey to remember who you are and activate your innate abilities to be, do and have your ideal life while here on the planet.


That's where I come in...


I help conscious, ambitious women in business, and corporate women get unstuck from reoccurring roadblocks, negative belief systems, unhealed self-worth wounds, and sneaky imposter syndrome habits that creep up from time to time, so they can gain more clarity, focus, productivity and intentional manifestations, in all areas of their life (including their bank accounts).


I also specialize in guiding Christian truth seekers who are on a journey of spiritual awakening, often beyond religion. I work with open-minded souls who need support along their journey to discover their own relationship with God/Spirit/the Universe; to discover their own truth; to trust their intuition; to embrace their spiritual gifts, and unapologetically become more of who they are meant to be. 


My mentoring programs and online classes are deeply inspired by modern and past metaphysical teachers such as Neville Goddard, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Joseph Murphy and a few other great teachers of the ages.


I invite you to schedule a free discovery call with me today to explore working with me through holistic business mentoring, intuitive spiritual life coaching and manifestation + mindset coaching for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Let's explore your biggest challenges to achieving your soul-worthy goals and uncover what the next level looks like and means to you. 


​"Jerica Glasper is a powerful blend of vitality, wisdom, leadership and ACTION."


Her vision for women's empowerment is timely and I know she will help you achieve your goals.


Working with her is refreshing and inspiring... and I LOVE how quickly she gets results. If you work with her, you will too, because her energy is contagious!

If you desire a life of prosperity and you know it starts from the inside out, Jerica is your woman.


I can think of no other mentor better suited to serve you in your mission and vision to become the awakened, purpose driven, inspired leader you know you are meant to be.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jerica!"

Kylie Slavik

Story Coach, Author and Speaker

"Jerica is an empowered woman, who empowers women."


I am a woman that has a lot to share, and finding the right [media] outlets is really important to me.


Jerica walked me through the process that led me to getting my article published on Huff Post. It was on my to do list for probably a few years, and Jerica got me jump started.


Jerica is patient, kind, savvy, and is such a wonderful resource for women to get their voices heard.


Thank you so much Jerica for doing exactly what you do.


You are a gift to women, and I know you are here to help many!"

Radhaa Nilia 

Founder of Goddess Code Academy